The Friends of Chandler Pond is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to restore, maintain, and preserve the character and historic quality of Chandler pond and its shoreline.


Our Mission

In 1996, the pond's many neighbors and friends joined together, under the leadership of long-time Chandler Pond advocate Genevieve Ferullo, to establish the Chandler Pond Preservation Society. In 2019, our name was changed to Friends of Chandler Pond. With support and cooperation of the community, and groups such as the Brighton-Allston Historical Society, the Friends of Chandler Pond are working to preserve Chandler Pond for future generations to enjoy. Our primary purpose is to work in a mutual relationship with the City of Boston to assist in the coordination of development and maintenance of Chandler Pond and the surrounding property for its recreational and ecological benefits. As members, we care deeply about preserving Chandler Pond’s natural resources for future generations.

The Friends of Chandler Pond is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on:

  • Conservation – Exploring opportunities for protecting and improving pond health

  • Community – Cultivating a community by welcoming new residents and facilitating community events that bring residents together for regular social gatherings.

  • Education – Educating the community about the impact of lawn fertilizer, driveway salt and any waste in storm drains (i.e., dog excrement, oil/gas, etc.) on the health of the pond.

What have the Friends of chandler pond been up to…

  • Chandler Pond's residents have worked tirelessly to limit the negative impacts of development.

  • Members of the Friends of Chandler Pond have worked closely with District 14 to revitalize neighborhood watch and safety-related initiatives

  • The Friends of Chandler Pond have been instrumental in funding work to mitigate the geese infestation in Chandler Pond

  • Extensive hand harvesting by volunteers using boats, waders, snorkeling, and scuba divers to eradicate the invasive spread of aquatic milfoil weeds