Fall Pond Clean-Up Day

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On October 19, more than a dozen Friends of Chandler Pond members gathered on a sunny Saturday for a fall clean-up on the east side of the Pond. The hard-working group cleaned and raked more than 50 bags of leaves, vines and overgrowth around the pond. The clean-up included removing debris from a recent storm cyclone that swept through Boston and had filled the pond pathways and shoreline with downed tree limbs.

More clean-up days are planned this fall, watch our Events page for details! If you’d like to volunteer to help us clean up the pond, email FriendsofChandlerPond@gmail.com

2019 Chandler pond fall festival

More than 200 people came to the 2019 Chandler Pond Fall Festival on September 14, co-sponsored by Brighton Main Streets and the Brighton-Allston Historical Society. Pond-lovers, kids, neighbors, residents, visitors and pets enjoyed a day of fun, live music, watercolor painting, Mass Audubon wildlife demonstrations, sack-races, games, ice cream, pizza, magic and more. All to celebrate Chandler Pond and bring attention to the great work that the Friends of Chandler Pond do. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Late Summer Pond Clean-Up Day

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On August 31, more than a dozen Friends of Chandler Pond members met at the park, rolled-up their sleeves and cleared invasive weeds, suckers and vines from the southwest areas surrounding Gallagher Memorial Park, and all along Lake Shore Road. The clean-up resulted in more than 30 bags of weeds, vines and invasive growth which were choking native plants and trees.

Invasive trees and vines threaten the health of the pond area and we always need volunteers to help.

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summer pond clean-up Day

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On August 2, Friends of Chandler Pond members brought their clippers, wheelbarrows, rakes, and gloves to clean up the northwest corner of Gallagher Memorial Park. The clean-up concentrated on overgrown areas around pine trees planted by the Parks Department which had become choked with invasive sumac trees and vines.

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Parks Department weed demo day

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On July 30, Boston’s Head Arborist, Greg Mosman, and the City of Boston Arborist/General Foreman, Max Ford-Diamond, met with members of the Friends of Chandler Pond for a hands-on demonstration of how to remove invasive suckers from trees from around the pond, and a discussion about how to identify and prune weeds and invasive plants on the park grounds. Invasive plants are one of the greatest threats to the nature around Chandler Pond because they out-compete, displace, or kill native plants and trees.


In July, members of the Friends of Chandler Pond were joined by Boston’s new Parks Commissioner, Ryan Woods, and Christopher Cook, the Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, for a walk around the pond to view invasive trees, plants and algae, and to discuss ways the city can help maintain and restore the health of the pond in the upcoming year.

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